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June 09, 2007


Thomas Weaver

what a pleasure to see the body at work. Great job, Calvary! For Christ's Glory!!



I am not at all surprised. The more we go the more God blesses. The more we go the more Calvary ministers and missionaries catch the vision ... goint, not to be blessed, but to be a blessings. The more we go the more focused God makes us. The more we go the more he speaks. He has you right where he wants you and will use you in powerful ways.

The group that went this time is fantatstic! I knew that God would use them from the moment they landed!! I only wish I were there with you.

I'm writing this from my Mom's computer as I am in Houston doing a wedding this weekend ... far away from my church and far away from you all ... I feel out of place. My only connections at this moment are this blog and my prayers. Keep writing and I will keep praying!

Encorage everyone to keep shining for Christ! Keep loving people in HIS name! Keep being the light! The darkness doesn't have a chance!


Dalmas Tiampati

I am indeed very happy of the group from the USA who came to do the work of God in maasailand.I was privileged to be one of the interpreters in english to maasai and swahili languages.Let me say this event has left aremarkable effect in my life,I have learn in anew way to love others,to share whatever litle I have with them,to be ablessing for them,to show love practicalar by becoming generous.
That group was aJesus sent co-worker.they came with the Gospel of Jesus Christ in their hearts,in their minds and in their both hands.it was one peolpe i could sincerely pray for that God may bless them.
Apart from preaching the Gospel,they were very innovative personaly I was so much blessed by Dr.David Heflin whom I was his interpterter in that session of teachings on Livestock economics,that man is agreat christian gentleman.infact his teaching made me to plan in future to invest in ranching business which am praying for it in Jesus name.
Please let me say thank you all you are agreat people of God.
C ya all again
In Christ.
Dalmas Tiampati.
Bsc.Information Sciences.student
Moi University,kenya.

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