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June 10, 2007


Jason Hatton

To my brothers and sisters serving in Africa, My heart yearns to be there with you. My prayers are that God displays himself in your life this week as a radiant light that shines to reveal Christ's Glorious Splendor. May the Communities you will serve in be warmed by your presence and be left knowing that they have been touched by the hand of God. May the unreached see His glory revealed in an unexplained supernatural way. May the Evangelised become Disciples growing more and more in their reflection of the Character of Christ. May your time spent in scripture draw you closer to your savior and develop in you a deep desire to submit to His authority in your life.
Read 1 Cor 13, the Love chapter and ask the Lord to give you the patience and kindness that will turn Hearts toward Him. We love you guys (some of you we barely know, but your are there to love the people we love) and we wish we were there serving by your side.

Press on for the fame of our King.

Jason and Christie


I have to say amen to what Jason and Christie wrote . . . . every word. From the prayers for God's presence and glory to be known in and through your lives and among the peoples you will go now to serve - but also the longing to be serving alongside you even now as you go. We are the arms of Aaron standing beside you, upholding you as you are our hands and feet for the battle ahead. May Jesus be your everything! May His glory shine through each of you. May He strengthen you for the task ahead so that nothing will hinder His glory and power from being revealed and lives being changed!
I, too, love each of you and am standing in the gap, praying for you.

Ruben Rojas

May God prepare the way and make straight his path so that His name will be known to those who not know of Him. May His power, guidance and protection go with each team member this week as they make known the glory of the God of the universe and His plan of redemption through our Lord Jesus Christ.

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