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July 19, 2008


Bobby Byrnes

Thank you. Wow! Maybe it's like the weak leading strong..or as in F.A.I.T.H., the person God uses. But no doubt, God gives us and shows to us opportunities daily. Just here at Calvary, the opportunities, the people he puts in front of us.- call it by example, encouragement, mentoring,fellowship, "true worship." I know now, the people he has put in my life just in the last couple of years. He just needs us to listen a little, turn our heads a little. I thought I knew about Kenya before,(very little) but I am in awe of the work- God's work there. Sticking with you all the way thru. You know We can send money, give to charities; many in fact build charitable institutions,but we need to give of ourselves. God truly wants us to build ourselves into others lives. God bless-Bobby


I'm so thankful for the posts from you and Kristi. I know right now is an exciting time there in Kitale...actually seeing and building with your own and God's hands the beginnings of something that was once just a thought. I'm amazed for the team there and have tears of joy for them as they pour their hearts into the makings of Mattaw and its impact on the local villages for the glory of our Lord! I will praise Him all the days of my life! Blessings! Angela


Could not access the info on Krisiti's note on Lemoru but I know the seeds planted there two years ago did not land on rocky soil. Your work, HIS work-just looking at the picture of penda home in the the Mattaw Village- that child knows your(our) offerings, the walls, roof, paint are a gift from God. Actually God's love in action. Anybody doubts it? Look no further than Kitale. You, the Keller-Calvary teams(as one) & the Huffmans. No way God's impact is not being felt. Speaking off seeds, oaks of righteousness; well I Pray for all things in HIS name.-Bobby

susan sosebee

Kitale team:
Lemoru! How wonderful!! Hug all the children for me too. I'm so excited that you are following God's footprints. I'm praying daily, trying for hourly. Love you guys


Thanks for bringing that up Bobby-about "giving of ourselves and building into" each others lives! I've learned so much in such little time-and to see up close and personal is an incredible experience. The kids singing will be with you forever!! Susan- we took lots of pictures and each of us put on the shoes for the children there and prayed for each of them individually...we walked the villages today -just like FAITH visits!! Except we ran into things like cows and baby rams!!! GOD was with us!! It was a blast!!


Hello, from the Okie!!! This is my first actually reading from the blog and I love it. It does take me back. I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been praying like crazy up here and I have my new office co-workers and a bible study all praying for everyone of you. I want to take this time and praise Jesus for the wonderful opportunities that He provides us. Praise Jesus!!!


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