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July 25, 2008



David and all,
God Bless you. It's like ya' think you know, but the more you realize you don't know. (meaning me) Mattaw, sleeping thru that 'till now. The Huffman's, didn't pay attention until now. Your Wednesday, well, unbelievable. So many blessings along the way there and here also. Calvary, the teams, your family; walking in HIS footsteps. It's like we always need to see thru HIS eyes. Sometimes I think I need to know more,be aware more but God revels so much. We say God is great, well you guys are great. I know, when I see you all,from now on I will look at you different. Mother Theresa, I read somewhere,(poor paraphrase I'm afraid) "despite all the hunger and despair, there is real hunger for God's word". We know her misnistry, but it applies to us all.I pray to have this appetite always. I pray for strength, courage for myself and mostly you.-Bobby

Jason S.

Your accounts are both eye-opening and inspiring. Thank you and all of the teams for what you are doing. We appreciate you and continue to pray.



What an amazing time the Kitale Team has had this week! I'm delighted for them and God's use of them for Mattaw and the surrounding communities. I can imagine the yearning to see those homes completed at Mattaw. I pray others will be challenged to give of themselves financially to finish that community. God calls some to go and others to send resources. I praise Him for what He is doing there and the difference He is making through the lives of His servants Kim and Bud...even little Elisha. Kitale Team you have done an amazing job serving your Lord and God. He is well pleased. My prayers are with you, and I can't wait to hear from you about the blessings and grace God poured upon you while serving Him in Kitale! God bless you all!

In His Grace,


Thank you for keeping us(me) focused on HIS work. Those in the trenches are not laboring in vain. "God things" are happening. Yes, we all can help in HIS work. The Body Of Christ has much to give-many talents and gifts. As David mentioned and Angela reinforced, we all need to pray and act to have these homes- "Christ Centered homes" built by December. Praphrasing C.S. Lewis,(a little weak here-but anyway) " aim for the world and that's what you get, aim for Heaven and you get the world, all of that, and much more thrown in." Let's aim high. Do we belive in miracles? and God's people said, YES!
All to HIS Glory- Bobby


David,Kristi, All who served in Kenya,
Your ten(10) weeks were fantastic, amazing. All the blogs, note, stories, scriptures, pictures were truly gifts from the Heavens. My prayers for this Ministry; HIS Ministry, are many. May my words be few and my gifts be in abundance. Luke 12:15-"Watch out! be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions." Maybe though; how about the abundance in sharing our gift's? God bless and here in grateful anticipation of hearing of all HIS work these previous weeks. I pray for an abundance in harvest into the new year.-Bobby


Thank you.

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