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July 13, 2008


tyne White

Hi David and Family, it is so encouraging to hear what the Lord is doing there. We had a great visit with Wynell at church this morning and were so jealous of her time there. She said that the brothers and sisters there were so on fire and committed to their faith. She told us about the all night prayer mtgs. so awesome!!! Caleb and Tyne


We appreciate your service and energy you bring to God's work. Will continue praying for these last days in Kenya, for Kimberly and baby Elisha. God Bless.


I'm so glad that you and Kristi are enjoying your time with Tiffany. She is an exceptional person...during the school year we meet weekly to pray for Young Life, the students, and its outreach to the unchurched teenager in the Rio Grande Valley. Tiffany has a wonderful heart and passion for kingdom work. I'm amazed that God's plan put her in the midst of His work through our Calvary connections there in Kenya. We can never expect to know all that He has planned...which is part of the excitement in serving Him. He will "outdo" us time and time again. There is nothing more wonderful than serving a faithful and loving God...and Tiffany couldn't be in better company. She is very dear to my heart, so I am delighted that part of her mission has included spending time with your family. God really let's me see Him when situations like this happen. People that I care about getting to work together for God's glory...that's a definite "WOW" in my book...the only thing that would have been better for me is if I could have still been there too. I really miss what is happening and greatly appreciate your updates. I know He is well pleased with your service! Be blessed! Angela

Bobby Byrnes

To all,
Most of us at our ABF's(Sunday school) @ Calvary are studying "Jesus: It's In The Name" We are learning(me re-learning) that Jesus is, The Messiah, The Deliverer, The Rock, The Bread of Life, The Living Water and more. Imagine that, MORE..ALL..EVERYTHING we need. God is so awesome how he works sometimes so subtly.(duh! we do miss it at times.) How he feeds us bits and pieces at a time. Kind of like our Savior coming to us in manger. Kind of like in Kenya many miles away from here,(for most anyway) how HE is opening our eyes, wider & wider. Our King, HE won't let us get away- we just need to turn our ear slightly towards heaven,our eyes and minds to his word. The closer we get; If we bow down- in devotion, in prayer, in service, we lift him up so others can see. We can accomplish so many things thru HIM. Jeremiah 33:3- "Call to Me and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know"
God Bless to all- Bobby



Just an FYI...I sent some items with Heidi:

-Yarn for Huruma Ladies Group
-Loom Kit for Kristi
-More hats for Mary Kaduki's children at the Children's Home
-Shawl for Florence (Jared's wife)

If you'll just hang on to the space bags and my duffle bag...I'd appreciate it. If Benson comes in October, I will be able to send more back with him. I hope all is going well. I think about the group everyday and the amazing work you are all accomplishing to the glory of our Lord Jesus. Tell Anna, Elisa, and Andrew that I can't wait to see them when they come home. I miss you guys. Forever HIS, Angela


Miss you all.
Godspeed, matters.God bless, Bobby



KENYA is constantly on my mind. It seems like that is all I can think about, especially since Amanda is now over there. I am so happy to see how God is blessing the work. I know that Amanda is also very excited to be there with you all as a first-hand participant in the labor. Can't wait to see how everything looks like at the end of the summer. Love you all.

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