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June 21, 2009


Vanessa Marroquin

That is so awesome!! I have been praying for you all and I am so happy to hear of the amazing work yall are doing in Kenya! God has given you all such an amazing gift to give to these people.

The Marroquin family says hello and god bless to everyone on the trip.

And I (Vanessa) say hi to everyone as well and is sorry that I haven't picked up the calls that have been made to me. Hi Jon!

God bless!!

My skype username is thevmaestro just in case any of yall have skype.

Deborah Richardson

I know how it feels for your heart to be full and breaking at the same time. I don't have the answer. When we were there, I just tried my best to love them and encourage them and to know that if I was letting God use me, it would make a difference. It's not fair that some of us have such "easy" lives and others have to work so hard just to survive, but I know that what you are doing is of God. Reading your blogs reminds me to do all I can to help those in need, knowing at the same time that God is just, and some day all things will be made right.
My love and prayers are with you,
Deborah Richardson
P.S. Give Jon a hug from his Mom

Richard Vaughan

This is all so powerful. Thank each of you for being in Kenya and helping me to be a part of your experience. You will be forever changed by this special time and your words are a tremendous inspiration to those of us who are here reading and praying.

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